Copyediting Services

Want to know if your manuscript is good enough for publication? Need a professional edit and editorial critique? If so, I can help…

Writing and publishing any piece of writing, from a blog post to a widely published article, to a special report to a full-blown ebook, is an exciting adventure. You've worked hard on your new masterpiece and you want it to be your best work…

But imagine this: your first copy is complete. You've just converted it into a PDF and set it up on your new sales page. You're excited! Ready to send out your first marketing campaign. You decide to take another run through everything, making sure things are in order when your heart sinks. A hideous typo blares its presence from the very first page of your new project.

This can happen to anyone. Which is why every writer needs an editor. By the time a written document is ready for publication, the writer has spent so much time engrossed in her work that it becomes hard to spot errors that would be obvious to someone else.

Ready to hire a book editor for your manuscript? Whether you're self-publishing or sending your manuscript to a traditional publisher, I can help you become a better writer. That's my passion.

What will you get with my copyediting services?

  • In-depth line editing identifying errors and problems

  • An editorial report highlighting your strengths and areas that need attention

  • Guidance on correcting problems and making improvements

  • Instructions on avoiding future grammar, punctuation, and structural mistakes

How much will it cost?

Contact me today for a quote. 

What will the in-depth line edit look like?

Below is a sample of what the in-depth line edit will look like.

Copyediting Services - In-Depth Line Edits


Additional Information

  • All projects are quoted in U.S. dollars and there is a minimum charge of $50 per project.

  • 50% of the estimated project amount is due upfront with the remaining due upon project completion.

  • Written documents must be submitted via email.

  • Microsoft Word (.doc) or OpenOffice Writer (.odt) are acceptable formats.

  • The in-depth line-by-line editing will be done electronically inside your electronic file.

For more information about my copyediting services, please send me an email at