Building a business is an exciting adventure. You’ve spent countless hours developing your marketing materials, writing down the words, and polishing them to the best of your ability. You’re about to publish them on the web or send them to your printer, but wait!
Now it’s time for a professional edit.
"Why do I need a professional edit?" you ask.
A professional edit that includes an editorial critique and an in-depth line edit by an experienced editor will help you identify areas in your marketing materials (i.e., web copy, blog posts, autoresponders, ebooks, etc.) that need strengthening or fixing.
But you need a great editor who can:
  • Be a professional pair of fresh eyes to catch mistakes you might have missed
  • Give you insight into how to improve your writing skills
  • Recommend ways you can strengthen and clarify your message
  • Let you know whether or not you’re on the right track (and give you direction if you need it)
  • Cheer you on and motivate you to keep working toward your writing goals
A common misconception about writers is that all writers are experts in grammar, spelling, and structure. The truth is, "writer" doesn't mean "expert in language". Some of us excel in that area, but most writers don’t have all the answers to every question about the English language.
But we are passionate about the stories and messages we write.
As the writer, you’re so close to your writing work. Over the past several weeks (or months), you’ve lived and breathed your message. Toward the end of the road, you even cursed it, wishing you could hurry it up and finish it already.
You’re too close (and exhausted) to see things that need improvement. It’s like driving when you’re tired. It’s dangerous! You’re likely to miss things that need to be fixed before you release it to your customers and prospects.
That's where your editor comes in. And while your writing work is in her workshop for a thorough assessment for repairs and improvements, you can start your next written document.
It's the editor's job to provide practical and applicable feedback and encouragement that helps you share your message with clarity, quality, and creativity. 
Let me work my magic to help you share your message with the world! Get started today!
For my current rates, check out my main editing services page. And for information on package pricing, visit my copyediting service packages page.
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