Charged (The Hexon Code, Book 19)

How far would you go to protect the people you care about?

Fira Moseley created the antidote for the lethal injection the NRC was about to use on the villagers. But things went terribly wrong at the business district. Now Fira is faced with a difficult decision. If she agrees, she'll forego her beliefs in what is right. If she declines, she'll suffer the consequences.

Little does she know, she's not prepared for what the new mayor will throw at her. The trip to the prison weeks earlier had been bad enough. But this will leave her broken and struggling to overcome new fears and setbacks at a time when her skills are needed most.

Set in the world of The Hexon Code, Charged is the deeply emotional sequel to Bought, a young adult dystopian thriller.

*Book number is tentative.

Reviews:Shelly wrote:

I just finished reading Charged. Aaaahhhhhh! That ending wasn't even nice!!!! Can't wait for the next one! I knew I was near the end, but kinda forgot since I was so involved in the story. I turned the last page--and there was your picture! It was a really good cliffhanger!

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