Book Cover: Shattered
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 1973386518
Size: 5.25 x 8.00 in
Pages: 410
Kindle: $ 7.99
ISBN: B07848XR3S
Pages: 410

Only through death… do you learn the truth.

Marris Sheffield, a fifteen-year-old orphan living in a late 21st century academy for unwanted children, is just three years away from phasing out of the program and becoming a valuable member of society. Until then, she’s stuck within the confines of the academy’s heavily fortified grounds.

All is going as expected… until the kids become sick with an undisclosed illness and then a series of deaths occur, deaths which lead Marris and others to question the academy’s agenda. Rumors have made the rounds. Rumors about the screams coming from the basement. Rumors about what the academy does inside its medical center. And rumors about what really happens to the kids who are adopted.

But those are just rumors…

It’s not until her own death that Marris learns the chilling truth about what really goes on inside the academy, what led to her death, and what brought her to the academy in the first place seven long years ago.

Now, armed with this new information, she must find a way to stop the academy and save her friends before it’s too late.

Shattered is the first book in The Hexon Code series, a story about pain, loss, and the fight for love in a messed up world. Look for Redeemed and Blackout - available now on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!

Publisher: Emery Road Publications
Reviews:Kim Anisi on wrote:

“Reviewed By Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite

Shattered by Jody Calkins is a different kind of story, because the main character is dead. Marris is 15 years old and an orphan. She’s been living in a late 21st century academy for unwanted children for a few years, and has three more years to go until she’s free. Unlike other kids, she has never been adopted, and has given up hope of leaving the place before she’s 18 years old. Soon, she learns that there are terrible things going on behind closed doors – and that the rumors about what is really happening to the kids who were lucky enough to be adopted are more than just rumors. Then Marris becomes sick and is taken to another part of the facility. It is the last place she’d be alive. Her death, however, is not the end. For some reason, Marris’ ghost is unable to leave, and she discovers that there are others like her. They learn more about what is happening, and the real goal of the academy for unwanted children. After all, who will miss unwanted children? What better group of people to experiment on? But what can a group of ghosts do to stop living beings?

I found Shattered by Jody Calkins to be a very fascinating, but also disturbing read. What is done to the kids in that academy is just horrendous. You feel for all the characters and cheer Marris on; you just want her to find a way to stop the nightmare. I found the end of the novel to be bitter-sweet, but I guess that’s what you have to expect when the main characters are all dead people! It is a paranormal story, but also a coming of age story, a love story, a thriller, and a mystery at the same time. You definitely get quite a bit of excitement when you read this novel. I enjoyed that this book was a stand-alone book, and not a book in a series. It served the characters and the plot very well.”

Amy Ruth Allen on wrote:

Marris Sheffield and her friends are orphans living in a cold and spartan facility for unwanted children, and become caught up in a sinister plot that ultimately results in their deaths. While it is too late for Marris, Cullen and the other orphans who have died as a result of horrendous medical experimentation, Marris and her friends resolve to uncover the truth about their deaths and perhaps spare the remaining children who are still alive. This story has a very strong and intricate plot with plenty of twists and turns. Marris is a strong heroine, and although some of her actions are questionable, I was one hundred percent on her side. How could I not be? They were necessary for good to triumph over evil. All in all, a very good read that kept my attention until the very end.

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