Editing Services

Are you looking to publish your writing work and need a professional editor to take a look? If so, I can help…
Editing ServicesWriting and publishing any piece of writing, from a blog post to a widely published article, from a special report to a full-length book, is an exciting adventure. You’ve worked hard on your new masterpiece, spending countless hours developing your materials, writing down the words, and polishing them to the best of your ability, and you want it to be your best work…
But imagine this: your first copy is complete. You’ve just converted it to a PDF and set it up on your new sales page (or sent it to the printers!). You’re excited! Ready to deliver it to your readers. You decide to take another run through everything, making sure things are in order, when your heart sinks. A hideous typo blares its presence from the very first page of your new project.
This can happen to anyone. Which is why every writer needs an editor. By the time a written document is ready for publication, the writer has spent so much time engrossed in her work that it becomes hard to spot errors that would be obvious to someone else.
Whether you’re self-publishing or sending your manuscript to a traditional publisher, I can help you become a better writer. That’s my passion.
Jody is currently the editor for my Epic novel series, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with! My latest release is often referred to as the best in my series, and I attribute a ton of that to Jody’s hand. She does great work! Lee Stephen
I offer four levels of editing services:
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Copyediting
  • Rewriting
If you are a fiction writer looking to hire an editor for your novel, check out my Copyediting Services page for information on a professional edit and editorial critique.
For more information about my editing services, please send me an email at jody@emeryroad.com. Contact me today. I look forward to working with you on your new project!