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8 Pre-Writing Steps to Creating Effective Case Studies

by Jody Calkins

Case studies are a great way to show your prospects how you, or your company, help businesses just like theirs.

While testimonials are good, case studies are value-added; they have that extra essence of credibility and are a better way to demonstrate your company's expertise. Anyone can create a testimonial, but case studies hold the key to building the all-important prospect confidence.

If you're not sure how to go about developing a case study, this list will give you the foundation you need to get started.

  1. Determine what you want your case study to do for your business. There are many reasons for doing case studies. Choosing one will help you keep your case study focused on your goal.

  2. Brainstorm what type of case study you could publish based on your needs, type of business, and how your client uses your product or service. The type of case study you can develop greatly depends on those three things. Keep in mind that you always want to instill prospect confidence in your company's ability to perform as expected.

  3. Create an outline. Before you get too far in the planning process, you should have an idea of what you want to discuss in your case study. If you are a service provider, do you want to show how a company just like your prospect's can benefit from your company or do you want to share with them the process of implementing your service?

  4. Draft your questions. Have plenty of questions prepared, including follow-up questions, and organize your questions in a logical order.

  5. Contact your client to inquire about his participation in a case study. Be sure to mention how long the interview should take and to send your questions for the client's review prior to the interview.

  6. Schedule and conduct your interview.

  7. Reevaluate your outline and make changes as needed. Things don't always go as planned, so allow for some flexibility and make changes accordingly.

  8. Write your case study!

Now that you have the foundation for developing a case study, how can you use a case study to help your business?

With love,

Jody Calkins

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