When you're busy and overwhelmed with marketing options, you don't have time to focus on writing great copy for your next marketing piece.
You need a great copywriter who can:
  • Take charge of a copywriting project
  • Write great copy, even when given little direction or project details
  • Tap into the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience
  • Work with your clients to schedule interviews, get quotation approval, and announce their debut in your new case studies, articles, and research papers.
You don't have time to worry about these things. You need to focus on what you do best: marketing.
I have more than fifteen years of writing experience, and I have worked with many organizations just like yours that are looking for professional copy that gets results. It's my job to write great copy that conveys your message with clarity, quality, and creativity. 
Let's work together to get the results your company needs to stay above its competitors.
Emery Road Writing Services. Helping you convey your message with clarityquality, and creativity.
Jody Calkins
Freelance Copywriter & Editor
Emery Road Writing Services, LLC
Greater Denver, Colorado