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Exclusive Short Story Prequel to Shattered

About the Author

Jody Calkins grew up in the Minnesotan woods and now lives in rural Virginia with her family. She has a degree in classical studies and literature, loves studying languages, and writes young adult speculative fiction.

She is the author of The Hexon Code, an edgy and heart-wrenching young adult dystopian thriller series, including Shattered and the upcoming sequel Redeemed.

Other books in The Hexon Code series include Tainted, Platform 273Bought, and Charged. (Note: Books are available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.)

Taken – an exclusive chilling short story featuring the moments before Dana is taken to Riverbrook, including how she meets Donovan for the first time. It provides clues to the story behind The Hexon Code. Don’t miss this! Only available to mailing list subscribers through my website (you can unsubscribe at any time)!

Shattered – an edge-of-your-seat young adult ghost suspense thriller about a teen girl who learns the chilling truth about the orphanage in which she lives and seeks justice for the death of someone she loves.

Redeemed – the haunting sequel to Shattered and Book 2 in The Hexon Code series. Available on pre-order now.

Tainted – an unputdownable young adult dystopian thriller about a teen girl’s dangerous quest to escape her walled city after wolves and bombs tear it apart.

Platform 273 – a young adult dystopian novel about a teen girl who will do anything to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage for the sole purpose of regrowing her city’s population. Even if it means risking her life to do it.

Bought – a young adult dystopian thriller about a teen girl who must create the antidote that will save the villagers from the government’s evil plan and the boy who will do anything to melt her cold heart.

Charged – Fira Moseley is back in this deeply emotional sequel to Bought, charged with a crime against the NRC, harshly punished, and left broken. Will she overcome new fears and setbacks at a time when her skills are needed most?

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Look for new releases this year!

Her current writing projects also include the sequels for both Shattered and Tainted, a YA dystopian romance, and a YA fantasy novel with sorcery, dungeons, and wolves.

Jody Calkins is also a book editor specializing in young adult fiction, mystery, thriller, science fiction, and fantasy.