The Hexon Code Series by Jody Calkins

Welcome to The Hexon Code, my story world where assumptions, preconceived notions, and morals are challenged. You’ll meet interesting characters with questionable actions, a good heart, and a strong resolve to set things right no matter the risk.

Set in a futuristic society, The Hexon Code series revolves around characters in several regions of the United States who get caught up in a secret plot against all of humanity.

The story begins with Dana Winters (Taken), a young girl who is taken to Riverbrook Academy for Unwanted Children after her parents are murdered, and Donovan Winden, a young forensic scientist who will stop at nothing to protect her.

In this futuristic, dystopian-esque, apocalyptic thriller/drama series, not all things are what they seem and emotions run high.

If you’re ready for chilling, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching drama, you will love this series!

Here is the current line-up for The Hexon Code series (as of September 2021):

Taken eBook Cover 2022

Taken (The Hexon Code, A Short Story Prequel)

A chilling short story that provides clues to the story behind The Hexon Code. Don’t miss this!

Year 2076

Book 1 (The Hexon Code)

Shattered (The Hexon Code, Book 1)

An edge-of-your-seat young adult ghost suspense thriller about a teen girl who learns the chilling truth about the orphanage in which she lives and seeks justice for the death of someone she loves.

Year 2080

Book 2 (The Hexon Code)

Redeemed (The Hexon Code, Book 2)

The chilling sequel to Shattered about the young boy who will do anything to save the girl who gets thrown back in Riverbrook Academy because of him.

Year 2080

Book 3 (The Hexon Code)

Blackout (The Hexon Code, Book 3)

It’s a race against time in this young adult dystopian thriller. To survive, they must escape. But how do you escape when you can’t locate the exit? And let’s not forget the consequences for making such an attempt.

Year 2102

Book 4 (The Hexon Code)

Outcast (The Hexon Code, Book 4)

An emotional young adult dystopian romantic drama about learning to forgive and to survive in a city of criminals.

Year 2102

Book 5 (The Hexon Code)

No Way Out (The Hexon Code, Book 5)

More challenges and dangers await the Faction 73 crew in this young adult dystopian thriller/drama.

Year 2102

Book 6 (The Hexon Code)

Breakout (The Hexon Code, Book 6)

Tessa thought she had life figured out… until she met Damien. But knowing what she was missing won’t make life any easier. Not with Faction 73 getting involved.

Year 2102

Book 7 (The Hexon Code)

Sabotage (The Hexon Code, Book 7)

After barely making it out of Detroit alive, Henry and Kallis run into another snag. They have to go back. Will they survive a second time around? Not for all readers.

Year 2101

Outrage (The Hexon Code, Book 8)

The story continues with Gabe, Emerson, and DC Prison.

Year 2102+

More books planned between Outrage and Tainted!

Book 11 (The Hexon Code)

Tainted (The Hexon Code, Book 11?)

An unputdownable young adult dystopian thriller about a teen girl’s dangerous quest to escape her walled city after wolves and bombs tear it apart.

Year 2113

Book 15 (The Hexon Code)

Platform 273 (The Hexon Code, Book 15?)

A young adult dystopian novel about a teen girl who will do anything to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage for the sole purpose of regrowing her city’s population. Even if it means risking her life to do it.

Year 2116

Book 18 (The Hexon Code)

Bought (The Hexon Code, Book 18?)

A young adult dystopian thriller about a teen girl who must create the antidote that will save the villagers from the government’s evil plan and the boy who will do anything to melt her cold heart.

Year 2118

Book 19 (The Hexon Code)

Charged (The Hexon Code, Book 19?)

Fira Moseley is back in this deeply emotional sequel to Bought, charged with a crime against the NRC, harshly punished, and left broken. Will she overcome new fears and setbacks at a time when her skills are needed most?

Year 2118

More books planned for the series after Charged!

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