Quick Links for Leaving Reviews

Hi there! I thought I’d put together a list of quick links to make it easy for my readers to leave reviews.

Reviews are so helpful. Not only do they let authors know they have fans (Squee!!), but they also give other readers ideas on what to read next.

Let’s face it. You probably like to know if other people have liked a book before you step into uncharted waters. Is it any good? Will it hold your attention? Is it a clean read? Or is it littered with profanity and risque content?

While you can usually sample a book before buying it (at least on Amazon), reviews can give you an idea of what the rest of the book is like.

Third-party book retailers (like Amazon and Barnes & Noble) won’t give me information about the people who have purchased my books, so the only way I know about a reader is if he or she leaves a review or contacts me directly through email or a comment on one of my social media profiles.

I love to hear from readers! And I greatly appreciate reviews.

So, to make it easy, here is a list of quick links that should take you directly to the “Write a Review” form:


Chickens, Girls, and Other Life Problems
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B087CBKTSS



Shattered (The Hexon Code, Book 1)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07848XR3S

Redeemed (The Hexon Code, Book 2)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07NDPVRTX

Blackout (The Hexon Code, Book 3)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07Q57Z1JX

Outcast (The Hexon Code, Book 4)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07XWSZLJZ

No Way Out (The Hexon Code, Book 5)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B084ST8LM9

Breakout (The Hexon Code, Book 6)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B08H4JDSWT

Sabotage (The Hexon Code, Book 7)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B09B44G6D3

Books 8 through 10 – coming soon!

Tainted (The Hexon Code, Book 11)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B079NRNXSQ

Books 12 through 14 – TBD

Platform 273 (The Hexon Code, Book 15)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07J67NKQD

Books 16 and 17 – TBD

Bought (The Hexon Code, Book 18)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07CBNH8NY

Charged (The Hexon Code, Book 19)
Amazon – amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin=B07FK2YWXK

More books and links to come!