Jody Calkins, Author

Jody Calkins grew up in the Minnesotan woods and now lives in rural Virginia with her family. She has a degree in classical studies and literature, loves studying languages, and writes thriller and drama fiction.

She is the author of The Hexon Code, an edgy and heart-wrenching young adult dystopian thriller series, including Shattered, Redeemed, and Blackout.

Inspiration for her novels usually comes from her love of psychological thrillers and romantic dramas. She loves writing emotional stories that push boundaries and tug at her readers’ heartstrings, and her number one piece of advice for her readers is: grab the tissues!

In her spare time, Jody creates adult coloring books and journals, hangs out with her husband and three furbabies, binge-watches emotional love stories and psychological thrillers—not all in English—and sips coffee—not always spiked!

Jody also writes middle-grade fiction under the pen name Louise Nelson.


Northern Lights
Quiet Time
Love Stories
Foreign Films
Dining at Home