Writer & Book Editor for Hire

Are you looking to hire an editor for your novel or a copywriter for your marketing content? 

Then you’ve come to the right place…

My name is Jody Calkins and I’m a freelance writer and editor.

I specialize in editing novels and writing and editing marketing content.

Here are some of the writing and editing services I offer:

  • Editing for Fiction Writers (genres include mystery, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy for middle-grade, young adult, and adult audiences)
  • Manuscript/Editorial Critiques
  • In-Depth Line Edits
  • Case Study Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting/Newsletter Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • White Paper/Technical Writing
  • Consulting

Wondering if we’d be a great fit? 

Some of the business clients I’ve worked for have included companies in business management, corporate risk management, security protection, and leadership development. I’ve written and edited a variety of business materials such as articles, case studies, white papers, newsletters, autoresponders, email marketing, and informational products (ebooks, special reports, etc.). 

Clients have said I’m a go-to resource for their copywriting needs and have a straightforward writing style. The bottom line is this: you need a copywriter who can save you time and reduce your stress by taking charge of a copywriting project.

Check out my Writing Services page for more info.

Looking for an editor instead? If you prefer to do your own business writing and just need an editor to review and polish your work, check out my Editing Services page for business writing. 

For book writers, it’s important that their voices aren’t removed in the editing process. As your book editor, my job is to provide feedback on your book manuscript, offering suggestions on where the wording and story can be improved; pointing out word choice issues and grammatical errors; highlighting your strengths; and making you aware of weaknesses. 

My primary goal as a freelance book editor is to help writers improve their writing work and their writing skills. Want more information? Check out my Copy Editing Services page for fiction writing.

Have I worked with your subject of writing?

I’ve worked with a variety of subjects including middle grade, young adult, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, psychological thriller, and spy novels, and a variety of nonfiction topics including inspirational, self-help, business and marketing, and health.

Don’t see your subject? Just ask!

Ready to get started?

If you’re looking to hire a copywriter or a professional book editor to help you polish your manuscript, get in touch with me today. I’m happy to help! 

Jody Calkins
Freelance Writer & Book Editor
Emery Road Writing Services, LLC