B2B: Generations in the Workplace Research Paper

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AchieveGlobal, Inc.
Project Type:
Research Paper
Project Details:
I was hired to turn a rough draft of a 9-page research paper on generations in the workplace into a polished, professional piece for AchieveGlobal's clients and prospects.
Sample Copy:
In today’s diverse workforce, four generations must contribute to organizational results every day. However, with the strong presence of theoretical  age differences resulting in workplace conflict, organizations are at risk. At risk for such things as lower employee productivity levels, lost or missed revenue due to client mistreatment, and reputation damage. This workplace conflict stems from the emergence of numerous generational theorists  claiming that major generational differences exist in today’s workforce.
Are people really that different across age groups? Or is it the perception of those differences—the assumptions people make about themselves and others—that gets in the way?
AchieveGlobal researchers set out to answer these questions through a rigorous review of existing scholarly literature.