B2B: Security Protection Case Study

Copywriting Samples
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Ricci Communications
Project Type:
Case Study
Project Details:
Ricci Communications hired me to write a 1500-word case study, featuring a security protection company's capabilities for securing high-profile buildings, for its client. The project also involved interviewing several security personnel and two real estate managers of the building's property management firm.
Sample Copy:
[Protection Service Company] encourages its security professionals to participate in its Certified Security Professional program. Many officers have found the program's advanced security and supervision training to be helpful, and Sims believes it is "an invaluable tool for those who don't have [security-related] background." Officers who join the program commit to more than 100 hours of on-line and classroom self-study, take an eight-hour final exam, and receive promotion and salary increase opportunities upon graduation.
The command center for Century Park serves as the security headquarters for the complex, focusing on surveillance, emergency response and fire and life safety. However, the job responsibilities of a security professional extend beyond these duties. From implementing an appropriate security strategy to focusing on customer service and training to reach career goals, the life of a security guard is much more complex and fulfilling. It is a profession that holds a great deal of responsibility and accountability; it requires an individual to be personable and devoted to becoming the best in the industry.