B2C: Book Review

Copywriting Samples
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Tyrsa Fawn Pratcher
Project Type:
Book Review (Pro Bono)
Project Details:
Ms. Pratcher asked me to write a book review for her book of poems, Keeping the Store.
Sample Copy:
Keeping the Store, an inspirational collection of poems based on twenty years of experience in the church, is Tyrsa Fawn Pratcher's first book of poems. She delivers her message, straight-up and to the point; "it's not sugarcoated, just shot from the hip."
As a child, Tyrsa Pratcher realized that the church isn't always full of honest people, and she felt it lacked the respect and kindness that she sought. Her mission now is "to promote a standard of integrity through the use of the written word."
Divided into seven sections, Keeping the Store inspires and motivates readers to become true to themselves, to be true to their word, to rise above the power of negativity, and to embrace the Lord. Each reader is bound to find a poem to relate to, whether it is "Just Another Paycheck," "Religious Spirits," "In the Fire," or one of the many other poems in this fine collection.
Keeping the Store is a daringly truthful rendition of life in the church and life in general, with clever and catchy poetry that will inspire and challenge its readers for years to come.