B2B: BS 25999 Certification Case Study

Copywriting Samples
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BSI Management Systems America, Inc.
Project Type:
BS 25999 Certification Case Study
Project Details:
I was hired to interview BSI's client regarding its experiences with the BS 25999 certification process and write a case study that would discuss those experiences and help prospective clients determine whether achieving certification in business continuity was right for them.
Sample Copy:
For Citi, the leading global financial services company, business continuity is crucial. With so many customers and its strong reputation in the financial services sector, operating as effectively and efficiently as possible is necessary to ensure the safety and protection its customers require and to maintain customer confidence in Citi brands.
Citi had established its own business continuity standard to develop common practices across the company and to create a governance structure that ensures global compliance by all Citi businesses.
By certifying to BS 25999, Citi would gain global recognition as a company committed to ongoing improvement of its business continuity program, ensuring its customers receive the best possible service.