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Life is too short to get caught with a blank page

  • Do you ever sit at your computer, tapping the keys but not typing because you are at a loss for what to write?
  • Have you ever failed to get your blog post up because you waited until the last minute to write and then got stuck?
  • Have you ever stared into space waiting for inspiration to strike you?
  • Does the blank page intimidate you?

Dear Writer,

I bet you answered "YES" to at least two of those questions above. I did. It's frustrating, isn't it? You want to get your article written and sent off or just simply get words on the page. But nothing good comes to mind. Your mind is a complete blank. You're at a loss for words.

When you're out of writing ideas, facing a blank page can be daunting and unproductive. A session with your notebook or word processor turns into a waste of time.

It happens to the best of us. Without a plan or some ideas to work with, you could sit there for hours waiting for something good to come to you. But if you have a long list of ideas and potential headlines, picking a topic becomes a breeze.

What if you could have a list of thousands of writing ideas to choose from? So, you would never have to sit in front of that blank page and tap those keys without typing a single sentence.

Join my 7-day writing ideas ecourse to create a long list of winning ideas that will keep you busy writing all year long.

7 Activities to Think Up Awesome Writing Ideas in 7 Days (Without Even Leaving the House)

Writers who have taken my 7-day writing ideas ecourse are now swimming with writing ideas!

WARNING! You're bound to have fun coming up with ideas! Prepare yourself!

Never go a day without another writing idea again and start expanding your creativity so that you can become a successful writer. You deserve to succeed!

I hope you will join me.

Act now! I'll see you soon.


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