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Your Tool Box to a Simpler Life & Less Stress

Are you looking for practical ways to help you lead a simpler life with less stress? You have come to the right place! This site is dedicated to providing readers with practical tips and resources to help them simplify their lives and reduce their stress levels so they can focus on living the life they've always dreamed of.

When life gets complicated and your goal is to reduce stress (you wouldn't be here on this site if you weren't looking for a simpler life or less stress, right?), it's time to take a look at making some changes. What is really important to you? How do you want your life to change? What things can you sacrifice to get the life you want? 

My primary goal is to help you live a simpler life with less stress. Whether that means decluttering your home, hiring a housekeeper or personal assistant, or downsizing and moving into a smaller home with a smaller mortgage, I hope you will find some valuable resources here.

A simple life can have many different meanings. It doesn't have to mean selling all of your stuff, kissing the corporate world goodbye, and moving out into the wilderness to rough it for the rest of your life. If that's your thing, all the power to you! But if you're just looking for small changes you can make, that's fine, too.

The main thing to remember is that stress is overrated. It's time to show it the door! Here are some helpful resources… 



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This Little Thing Called Frustration (an absolute must-read!)

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How to Accept an Invitation for Adventure


Essential Oils

My Absolute Favorite Essential Oil to Reduce Stress & Calm Anxiety

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How to Order Essential Oils (PDF)



Non-Toxic Dish Soap for Health-Conscious Families

How to Stay Sane in Small Living Spaces – Part 1

How to Stay Sane in Small Living Spaces – Part 2

How to Stay Sane in Small Living Spaces – Part 3

How to Stay Sane in Small Living Spaces – Part 4

You Purged Your Home – Now What?


Books I Recommend

Love After Marriage: A Journey into Deeper Spiritual, Emotional, and Sexual Oneness

Check back for more resources for a simpler life and less stress. I'm constantly adding new ones to the list!