Stress...When Life Gets Complicated

When Life Gets Complicated

Stress...When Life Gets Complicated
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When Life Gets Complicated

Are you complicating your life? Do you feel like you are constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? When life gets complicated, it can be frustrating and overwhelming.

But now that the new year is here, it gives us a sense of a fresh start. We can say "so long" to 2015 and start the new year with new goals, hopes, and dreams. This year is going to be better than all the ones before it.

Life is as complicated or challenging as we make it. It's all up to us. How we see the challenges we face…and how willing we are to learning lessons that our experiences have to teach us.

There was a time when I hated my day job. I was eager to quit so I could focus on other things like building my business and things I enjoy. And I fought with that feeling for a long time, but then I finally realized that I was always going to struggle with it until I came to terms with the situation, made peace with it, and learned the lesson I was fighting. I was the common denominator and I had to change in order to see change.

While we are seeking the greater things in life, we need to stay true to what is going on right now. We can't check out yet. We still need to give it our all. And that's where I was failing miserably. I was so set on leaving that I was making myself frustrated and stressed out. Miserable that I wasn't seeing changes fast enough.

Whatever our dreams are, we need to remember and understand that they can take some time to achieve. Success doesn't happen overnight. It might even take years. But what is one thing we're in control of? Our own efforts.

If we commit ourselves to making progress and taking it as it comes, we'll enjoy life more and not stress ourselves out so much. A stress-free life, or one with reduced stress, requires a certain amount of acceptance and respect for our current situation. Every new experience is a great opportunity to learn something that will help us become better people.

And the things we want…sometimes we have to fight for it. Sometimes we have to sit back and say, "Ok, how can we make this happen? What things do we need to add to or remove from our lives in order to work toward that goal?"

A simple, stress-free life doesn't come without some planning. It takes some time to get there. And, of course, it can mean different things to different people and at different times. Using limited data for internet at our cabin and slow internet at libraries complicates things a bit, but it's sure helping me get really good at coordinating tasks and having better focus! Laser-sharp focus , to me, can help reduce stress because you learn how to make the most of the time you have. Who wouldn't want that?

I think a lot of us make things more complicated than they really are and we stand in our own way. It's time for us to step aside, have a little respect for our current situation, embrace our challenges, and take advantage of the lessons they have to teach us.

Whether or not a simple life is what you're after, finding ways to reduce stress will no doubt make life a lot more enjoyable. Wouldn't you agree?

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