Your Invitation for Adventure

How to Accept an Invitation for Adventure

Your Invitation for Adventure
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How to Accept an Invitation for Adventure

Are you afraid of the success of others? Does their success make you feel abandoned? Everything was great and now the person you love is becoming someone else. What happened?

What holds you back from offering them the support they need?

Oftentimes, other people's success reminds us of our own failures. That thing that holds us back from working toward our dreams makes it hard to be supportive when it comes to someone else's dream.

But we need to think about this: what damage are we doing to not just other people but ourselves as well when we're afraid to see them succeed? When we don't support them the way we should, it isn't just them we're affecting. It's ourselves and our opportunity for growth.

The thing about life is that God didn't design us to be stagnant. He didn't design us to find that one thing we're ok in and then stay there. If you let Him, He will take you places.

God calls us to love our spouses. He calls us to love our children, to love our siblings, to love people. Don't be afraid of what He is calling other people to do. Instead, be afraid that you are missing what He is calling *you* to do.

If you're having a hard time being supportive or you are unhappy with your life right now, there are four things you should do above all else:

  1. Pray to God our heavenly Father to open your heart and mind to what He is calling you to do.
  2. Recognize all of the blessings and the love He has poured out on you.
  3. Listen to the things He is sharing with you.
  4. Get connected with a small group of godly Christians.

Only you and God can work out the first three. But when you get connected with the right people, you will start to see things you didn't realize before. Maybe they will be able to give you insight and help you find answers for your life.

I cannot express to you enough how important it is to your life, faith, and your relationships to get connected with a small group of godly Christians. It took Harold and me a year after first going to RMCC to get connected with a small group. Harold wanted to join one, but I didn't see the value in it; I just saw another task on my to-do list. I thought it was just going to be a group of people meeting and talking about stories from the bible. How lame, right? Oh, boy, how wrong I was!

There may be groups like that, but ours wasn't that way. Our group was where we learned what a godly marriage looks like. It's where we learned the importance of prayer, especially when making decisions. We learned how important it is to study the bible and begin to grasp all that God and Jesus believe and say about us. We learned how to be godly Christians, and we learned that trials in life fit perfectly together to tug at our hearts, shaping and forming us to become the people we are today.

And in our group in Alaska, we've learned how to resolve conflict in our marriage in a godly way. The past four months have been a Godsend to the strengthening of our marriage. Why did God bring us to Alaska? I think it's for this purpose, to prepare us for what lies ahead.

It's important that we embrace the success of others and recognize it as an invitation to come along for the ride. Ladies, there is nothing more attractive in a man than seeing him in his element and working toward the dream God has placed in his heart.

And don't be afraid to embrace second chances. Things that didn't work out before might just mean that wasn't the right time.

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