4 Common Types of Pesky Writing Errors

Are your readers or e-mail recipients not taking your desired action? Then maybe these pesky writing errors are worming their way into your copy.

It takes time to write a clear message, one that your readers will interpret the right way. Oftentimes, we speed through typing an e-mail, eager to get the task out of the way. But when that e-mail doesn't have a clear message, you're likely to cause confusion or the wrong end result.

To write clear messages, omit these common types of writing errors:

Typos. Typos (i.e., any word or character you didn't intend to write, including spelling and grammatical errors) can have a significant impact on the way your reader interprets your information. Imagine what would happen if your 5% off sign read "50% off" or if you wrote a note to your assistant to tell him to seal your family's vacation home for the winter, but your note read "Sell it". I doubt you'd be pleased with either end result.

Inconsistencies. When you use words interchangeably (e.g., "copy" and "content"), readers can become confused, especially when those words are too technical for your audience. Choose one and stick with it.

Ambiguities. Ambiguities in your copy or written communications can lead to wasted time or the wrong end results. It helps to set aside your writing for a few days. Then, when you go back to it, you have a better chance of fixing anything that is unclear.

Improprieties. Keeping your writing clear of improprieties will not only help you convey a clear message but will also tighten your prose and make it professional. Avoid improprieties by replacing your pronouns (i.e., it, they, them) with the words you really mean.

When you keep your writing clear of these four pesky writing errors, you allow your readers to interpret your messages correctly. So, before sending that e-mail or approving that brochure copy, check it against these common types of writing errors.

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter who helps her clients communicate effectively to their customers and prospects through articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports. For more information, please visit https://jodycalkins.com.
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