5 Ways I Get Inspired to Write

5 Ways I Get Inspired to Write

5 Ways I Get Inspired to Write
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5 Ways I Get Inspired to Write

One of the questions that readers often ask writers is, how do you get inspired to write?

Inspiration to write can come from anywhere, especially in unexpected places and during unexpected times. Writers can wake up inspired by their dreams. They can get inspired walking on nature trails or washing dishes.

There are many different ways to get inspired, and the methods aren’t always consistent. Sometimes one way works great one time but doesn’t work the next. And sometimes it works all the time.

For me, though, here are my go-to fallbacks in case I’m feeling uninspired.

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming details for a particular story that I’m working on tends to be my best method for coming up with more ideas to get me through the writing process. Whenever the writing stops flowing, I’ll get out my notebook and start posing questions about what happens next.

I also find it helpful to keep coming up with new ideas because it gets the creativity flowing. The more ideas I have, the more creative I feel.

2. Reading/Learning

Another great way to get inspired is through exploration. Learning new things and reading topics of interest expand our horizons. You never know when a particular piece of information leads to a question or an idea.

3. Writing Sprints

I started doing writing sprints late last fall. While I found the editing to be a royal pain afterwards, writing sprints helped unlock the story. They allowed me to tap into my creativity and come up with bits and pieces I needed to keep me moving forward.

4. Movie Watching

Ever watch a great movie and think, ‘I want to live life like that’? For me, it’s about writing. When I watch a movie with great characters or a touching storyline, I want to create something that good. I want readers to feel something when they read my novels. I want to tug at their heartstrings. I want to write a story that gets readers to feel the same way I felt while watching the movie.

5. Picture Surfing

Are you a Pinterest fan? The entire platform is pictures, and it’s a great way to get inspired. I love to search for abandoned buildings and other spooky places. It gets my imagination running wild.

So, what are ways you feel inspired?

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