Ways to use case studies and get them into a prospect's hands

5 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

Ways to use case studies and get them into a prospect's hands
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5 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

You’ve heard case studies are good for your company. You know they’re like testimonials on steroids that show readers your company’s ability to offer a valuable service.

Case studies also give your prospects an idea of how your company operates and how it and its products or services can help them find a solution to a specific problem. You get that case studies can help a prospect understand the process involved in using your product or service.

But how do you get them to your prospects?

That’s an important question considering the effectiveness of a case study greatly depends on how well it is delivered to prospects. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this. Today, I will be discussing five ways you can get your case studies into your prospects’ hands.

5 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


A great location to store your company’s case studies is on the company website. It’s an organized place and it’s easy to send prospects there because you can provide them with a link directly to the case studies page. Should you include every case study your company has ever created? As long as it serves your company well, include it. Some prospects will want to read several case studies before they make a decision to hire you.


A prospect won’t always tour your website to find the information he needs. Some will ask questions and want you to provide answers to their specific questions. Others just don’t have time to search for what they need. So, a great way to help a prospect out is to send them an electronic copy of a case study via email. Pick one or two that are most relevant to the type of product or service they’re considering.


Case studies complement any marketing package. Hand them out at seminars, conventions, conferences, and wherever your business ventures take you.


Another way to get the word out to your prospects is to send the case studies out in your mailers or along with your brochures. This gives prospects a chance to read about your company without having to do any work (i.e., visit your website). Not all prospects will go out of their way to check out your website, but if you impress them with relevant and valuable reading material, you’ll build their confidence in your company and get them to ask for more information.

Front Desk

Have a selection of case studies available as free handouts at the front desk or in waiting areas for visiting prospects to check out. This is especially important if the wait will be a long one. Instead of magazines, use your company’s written materials to keep your visitors occupied while they wait. Prospects who are serious about finding a solution to their problems will be interested in finding out how your company can help. Give them the tools to make informed decisions.

If you're considering adding case studies to your marketing strategy or looking for ways to improve their effectiveness, feel free to get in touch or check out my ebook, How to Craft an Effective Case Study. It will get you on the right track to creating effective case studies for your business.

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