8 Ways to Kick Your Marketing Blues

Are you wondering what you're doing wrong in your business and why your readers aren't taking action?

When you've spent countless hours writing your marketing materials and revising them when you've received no response, it can get really frustrating. Frustrating to the point where you want to crawl back in bed and hope the bill collectors or the IRS don't find you.

It can get really hard to keep on when you don't even know what you're doing wrong, especially when so many people around you seem to be successful.

Here are some tips that will help you kick your marketing blues.

  1. Add enthusiasm to your communications and see what happens.
  2. Exaggerate your activities just a little to make it sound like you're doing more, that your business is picking back up (don't blatantly lie).
  3. Encourage your following to subscribe to your newsletter by mentioning that others are benefiting and that they can benefit, too.
  4. Emphasize the benefits. If you're not sure what the benefits really are because no one has ever offered feedback, imagine what benefits you would want if you were purchasing your product or hiring your company.
  5. Don't let prospects know you're desperate. When you sound desperate, you send the wrong signals: that you desperately need the job to get by. Prospects will wonder why you're not busy if you're good.
  6. Stop obsessing over your stats and your follower base. Checking your stats and the number of followers several times a day, even once a day, can prevent you from being productive. Pick one day of the week to check both. When you check them, take a few minutes to brainstorm how to improve your numbers.  
  7. Don't dwell on what could have been or compare your success, of lack thereof, to others' success. Focus on how you can succeed now. What do you need to do in order to succeed? Set a goal for each day and a bigger goal for each month, and strive to meet them no matter what.
  8. Keep learning. Set aside time each day to learn how to market better and to figure out what you're doing wrong. Even if you have reached a stopping point where you think you've read enough and learned enough, keep going.

Bonus tip: Are you having trouble feeling enthusiastic enough to write enthusiastically? Change your mindset. Leave your poor mood behind. Commit to being happy no matter what. If you need a fitness program to boost your energy and mental capability, enroll in one or start a program via DVD at home. (Note: it helps to get out of the house if you work in a home office.) Yoga is a great choice. It can be low-key or as advanced as you want it to be.

Kick those marketing blues now!

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter who helps her clients communicate effectively to their customers and prospects through articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports. For more information, please visit https://jodycalkins.com.

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