A Simple Step to Making Even More Progress

A Simple Step to Making Even More Progress

Dear Blog,

Last time, I wrote about tracking progress. Seeing the number of days we’ve met a daily goal is motivating and inspiring. And it lets us know that we are, in fact, making progress whether we realize it or not.

Making progress. It’s a nice thing.

But sometimes we don’t take a step back and appreciate how far we’ve come. Instead, we dwell on how far behind we still are from where we want to be. And no matter how much we do, it will never be enough. Right? And then the goals seem so much farther away.

I don’t know why we dwell on that. I guess it’s easier to live in low vibrational frequencies because to achieve that, we don’t actually have to do anything.

To live a happy life, to live at a higher frequency, we have to work at it. We have to take care of our health with water, nutrients, and exercise. We have to focus on positive thoughts. And we have to curb the negative emotions.

Take writing and creativity for instance.

If we think our well has run dry, if we sit down to write and we just can’t think of a doggone thing, we get frustrated. We start to despair. And then we dwell on all the other negative emotions that start to fester within us.

Dwelling on the assumed fact that our creativity is gone or limited will only do more damage. It won’t help us get our creativity back.

To do that, we have to work at it. We have to change how we view our creativity.

It hasn’t dried up. We’re just blocking it. We’re bringing in our anxieties, our fears, our limited beliefs, and thus our low vibrational frequencies into the equation, and all of that is keeping us down. If we do nothing to change this, we’ll stay at the bottom of the well.

Sure, maybe every now and then we’ll have a creative thought or idea. But for the most part, this negativity is going to prevent the creativity.

If something is holding us back, we are the ones who must change. To really go for the gold, we have to appreciate where we are right now and the progress we’re making, whether it is a lot or a little. We also have to make a conscious effort to remove any of the negative emotions that are blocking us.

It’s up to us to create the life we want.

Until next time…

Jody Calkins
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