Are Readers Really Benefiting From Reading Your Blog?

Are Readers Really Benefiting From Reading Your Blog?
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Are Readers Really Benefiting From Reading Your Blog?

Do you ever wonder if readers are really benefiting from reading your blog articles?

If comments on your blog are rare and no one is sharing and retweeting your links on social media, it can get discouraging. You can begin to wonder if you're on the right path and second-guess yourself. You might even let the self-doubt set in and start skipping your blog deadlines.

If this is you, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. You are not the first person to go through this and you will not be the last. Does hearing that make it any easier? Probably not, but it should make you feel better.

Let me ask you a question. Are you commenting on, tweeting, and liking other peoples' articles? Do you go out of your way to read and offer thoughtful feedback on articles you read throughout the day or week?

That was one of the questions my business coach asked me a couple years ago when I expressed my concerns about how much value I bring to the internet. And my answer was, "No." It's something I don't do enough even today.

In church a while back, one of our pastors at Rocky Mountain Christian Church brought up a good point when he said that we value what we spend our money on. Where is your money going? If you are a writer, when was the last time you bought a book? If you are passionate about music, when was the last time you bought a music CD?

As a writer and avid reader, most of my spending money goes toward books. I love them. I can't get enough. I buy them because I love reading the stories and I love seeing bookshelves full of books in my office. But I don't just buy them because I love them. I also buy them to support authors and the publishing industry. If I am not willing to buy something similar to what I want to sell, what makes me think I can expect others to buy my books?

This point also applies to your time. If you are a blogger, when was the last time you commented on someone else's blog? I am definitely guilty of not doing this enough. But when I read an article online, most of the time, I benefit from it in some way.

So, just because a reader didn't take the time to comment or retweet or like something you sent out to the world doesn't mean you haven't provided value to someone's life.

As you write for your blog or for social media, keep this in mind: even if just one person benefits from something you have said, you are providing value. And if you want readers to provide feedback on your work, commit to providing comments on other blogs and taking an active role in your industry.

Keep on and press through! You are doing great!

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