Blog Writing In Today’s Internet Age – Times Have Changed How We Blog

Blog Writing In Today's Internet Age - Times Have Changed How We Blog
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Blog Writing In Today's Internet Age – Times Have Changed How We Blog

When it comes to blog writing, I'm not an SEO copywriter. I never have been. Here's why…

Getting traffic to your website can be a major challenge and one might think that throwing keywords into the content (i.e., keyword stuffing) is a sure-fire way to make it happen. But readers can tell when you're writing for a robot. And, of course, Google and the other search engines can tell as well. When that happens, you run the risk of getting blacklisted which means your site won't show up in any searches.

Aside from avoiding the risks–which aren't worth it–, writing authentically and organically will not only improve the look and readability of your articles, but also help you to focus on what is truly important: providing valuable content to your readers.

Instead of brainstorming the keywords you can throw into your new blog post, make it your goal and priority to provide valuable content that helps your readers solve a problem. Give them a tip they can use right away in their business or life. Something that helps them get unstuck and move forward in some area.

What little tip can you give them? How can you inspire them to take the next step? How can you help them achieve a goal? Solve a problem? Avoid a mistake? Fix a habit? Improve their safety rating? Improve their health?

Newbies can get caught up in using just the right keywords to get traffic from the search engines. They think if they plant some keywords here and there, it will help them get more traffic and more sales. But traffic alone does not mean greater sales volume. It takes more than traffic to accomplish that. It takes many things like valuable content, relationship building and trust, and the right calls to action.

If you focus on the customer and prospect and give them the information they actually need and are searching for, you will have much better, long-lasting results than if you focused on the right SEO keywords.

The other day, a prospective client asked me if I write for the purpose of gaining traffic with SEO.

I said no. Why?

I don't write that way because I believe in being authentic with my readers. I write what comes to me. If special words show up in my blog writing, it occurs naturally as a result of my many years of training. I don't purposely plant them. I write for word flow and clarity more than anything else because I want my readers to understand the messages I'm trying to convey.

It is far more important to me that readers get their questions answered than to stuff keywords and bog my readers down with crappy writing. And since I'm a professional writer and editor, that's really important!

So, make it your mission to understand the reader and write valuable content that speaks his language. What questions does he have? What does he need to know to take the next step? What tip can you give him that gets him one step closer to his goal?

If you focus on these things, you'll have much better, long-lasting results.

What is your take on SEO copywriting and blog writing? I'd love to hear your thoughts! – https://facebook.com/jodycalkinsbiz

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