Blogging: To Post or Not to Post

So, you haven't written your post yet…

What do you do when you're coming up on your deadline to publish your blog post and, well, you haven't written it yet?

Do you write a quick version of the blog post you were going to write but just hadn't gotten to yet? Neglect your readers and post nothing? Or post something completely different–something you think you can write fast?

Sometimes we're just not ready to finish, or start, the post we wanted to write. When we force ourselves to write it, we know it isn't the best we could do. And we know that adding more junk to the Web doesn't do our readers any favors when there is so much bad writing and content on the Web already.

Things happen…

Maybe we didn't try hard enough to keep up with our schedule. Maybe we were working on the first draft and something came up and we didn't get back to it. Or maybe when it came time to publish the post, we discovered we didn't have a post ready at all.

So, what do you do?

Do you write up a quick (and bad) post on your topic, post nothing, or write a new post?

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