Build Momentum to Achieve Your Dreams

4 Little Steps to Build Momentum to Achieve Your Goals

Build Momentum to Achieve Your Dreams
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4 Little Steps to Build Momentum to Achieve Your Goals

I've written about this topic before but it's something we need to be reminded of often. When we set out to accomplish something–maybe it's to learn a new language or write a novel or a new training program–we need to build momentum so we can stay motivated to reach the goal.

How many of us set out to do something and get a great start, but then burn out before we're able to accomplish the goal? I've done that many times, and I have to say, getting burned out isn't very motivating or inspiring. But it gives me some tips I can share with you.

So, here are a few steps we can take to build momentum so we can achieve our goal.

Start Right Now

The first step to build momentum to achieve your goals is to take the focus off waiting until the perfect time and put the focus on starting right now.

I stopped making New Year's resolutions a few years ago. If I decide to do something, it's silly to wait until the first of the year to do it. Why not just start right away? Why not start on December 20th when I'm thinking about it?

It's the same concept as waiting for the kids to move off to college before we start living the life we've been putting off. Or waiting for life to settle down and get to a state of normalcy. Just start it. Stop planning to do something and just start doing it. It may be hard at first, but once you turn it into a habit, it should become second nature.

Slow and Steady  

If we pour our heart and soul into a goal at the beginning, we need to keep it up so we can finish strong. But what happens in a race when we start out like the hare? We get worn out before the finish line. The tortoise starts out slow but is able to remain steady. Consistent, steady action will help you get to the finish line.

Daily Progress

The next step is to set aside a small chunk of time every day to work on achieving the goal. If you want to write, start writing 10-15 minutes every day. Don't go for gold at the beginning and write for two hours (unless you have the time). Start small and do it every day. It's better to make a little progress each day than to get burned out and stop making any progress at all.

Brain Time

Another important step is to make sure you're allowing enough time for brainstorming. If you come to a writing session without any ideas, the session isn't going to be as productive as it could be. And when you struggle to write, you risk losing your momentum. When things are going well, your momentum will increase. But when you consistently have trouble with writing, you end up losing your motivation and inspiration to write.

Just like taking your vitamins or eating your vegetables to help you stay healthy, you must feed your brain with time and ideas to keep writing and working toward your goal.

Once you have been consistent and you have established a routine, it's time to consider increasing the time you can devote to your goal. Keep your progress steady, make gradual changes, and build that momentum to reach your goal!

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