How to Awaken Our Childlike Faith & Learn to Dream Big Again

How to Awaken Our Childlike Faith & Learn to Dream Big Again

How to Awaken Our Childlike Faith & Learn to Dream Big Again
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How to Awaken Our Childlike Faith & Learn to Dream Big Again

On our way to becoming adults, most of us lost our ability to dream big. Maybe we were discouraged from working toward our goals, or maybe someone told us we were living in a fantasy world or going after a pipedream. Maybe we witnessed other people attempt to succeed only to crash in failure and give up. Or maybe we only got to see the negative after-effects of failure.

Whatever the case may be, most of us have been left with a bad impression of taking a chance, of sticking our necks out, risking rejection, and going after the things we're passionate about.

But life wasn't meant to be mediocre. We were meant to live a full life, using our talents and abilities for a purpose. The trouble is, dreaming big means work. It means working harder than we've ever worked before. But it also means having a chance at feeling fulfilled.

You know that thing that compels you, that thing that draws you in and energizes you? When you are in your element, when you're doing the thing that you're supposed to do, people pick up on that energy. That's the kind of energy that we need to replicate. If more people would start realizing that their dreams are possible and they'd start working toward achieving them, just think about the positive energy that would spread to other people.

Dreaming big isn't just for our benefit. Just think about all of the people who are watching what you're doing. There's really no way to know how many people are watching you, but they're watching and they're either gaining something positive or they're gaining something negative.  

Dreaming big can make us look a bit ridiculous, especially when we don't have any results to show for our efforts. But if we dream big, at least we tried. At least we took a chance.

We need to be people who want to be remembered as people who really lived, as people who took a chance, worked toward our dreams, had fun doing it, and have no regrets.

So many people have given up on their dreams, but do they really, whole-heartedly, seem happy or satisfied about it? Working toward our dreams is hard work, and a lot of times, it calls for some tough love and honesty, but making daily progress, even if it's a small amount, can give us that positive energy we need to inspire others to take a chance, too.

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