How We Complicate Our Lives

How We Complicate Our Lives

How We Complicate Our Lives
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How We Complicate Our Lives

We have a tendency to complicate our lives. And when we do that, we avoid the very thing that would make things easy. This is especially true when we ask questions about what we should be doing with our lives. What should you be doing with your life? I bet you already know the answer to that.

But somewhere in your past, you learned that things aren't easy and that living your dream isn't possible. You learned that you needed to pursue a career that pays better. Or that you will never be able to travel the world like you've always wanted to. Maybe you wanted to be a painter or a fire fighter, but someone (maybe you, yourself) convinced you that you'd be better off pursuing some other career.

We also make our lives more complicated when we worry. What do most people worry about? Things that will never happen. Our imaginations start to run wild. We think up all kinds of scenarios. What will happen if this happens? What will I do if it doesn't work out? And we pre-argue arguments that never would have happened if we had just pulled the reins on our thoughts in the beginning.

Complications also come about when we try to control other people and when we have an idea of how someone should live his life. We experience disappointment when we witness the person making what we think are mistakes. Maybe they are. But who's the judge? We may judge others, but that's not actually our job. Our job is to love and encourage people and help them build a relationship with the only one who has the authority to judge.

And when we try to control others for our own (selfish) purposes or desires, we're not only hurting the people we love, but we're also hurting ourselves. Holding people back from achieving their dreams births resentment. That isn't a good way to build a relationship, especially a marriage. Instead of promoting love, trust, and teamwork, it promotes tolerance, obligation, and relational conflicts.

So, when it comes to simplifying life and making things easier, let go of the things you can't, or don't have the authority to, control. Let go of the worry and learn to trust that everything will work out. God has it all worked out, but He needs you to trust in Him and do the work.

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