How Knowing Your Why Can Help You Work Toward Your Dreams

How Knowing Your Why Can Help You Work Toward Your Dreams
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How Knowing Your Why Can Help You Work Toward Your Dreams

This month, I'm writing a book for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and with November almost half over and the fact that I have fallen way behind on my word count since Sunday, I've been a little stressed out this week.

I've also been rethinking my business plan and have even considered discontinuing this blog so I can focus on my creative writing work, but then I reminded myself why I write this blog.

I don't write this blog for me, although I do find my own words to be helpful and encouraging. I write it for you. If just one person finds something helpful or encouraging in my posts, I have done my job.

Yesterday, in two places, I read the same reference. I've heard it before so it's nothing new but the fact that it popped up more than once had me thinking. In the military, they use a term called KISS – keep it simple, stupid. Now, I know you've heard it too, but I wanted to bring it up. Maybe you need a reminder like I did yesterday.

Why did I need to hear this?

I've been making things way too complicated. I've been trying to quit my day job ever since I started, and in doing so, I've neglected my creative writing work. I have this battle about every two weeks and it's been driving me crazy.

As much as I want to fight it, this day job allows me time to focus on my writing work in my spare time without having the stress of paying the bills. It's not my ideal work environment (I'd rather not hear profanity all day long, I'd rather use a kitchen and a bathroom that I know are clean, and I'd rather not have to drive to work every day–who doesn't, right?), but the fact of the matter is, it's not that bad. And if I just let it, it would help me get to where I want to be.

There are a lot of things that I want to do and accomplish in my life and I have trouble taking it one day at a time and being content with my progress. I've written before on focusing on those things that are really important to us, but we also need to be content with our progress, even if it just gets us a teeny, tiny step forward.

If we start eliminating activities that we're not passionate about and focusing more on what we *are* passionate about, and if we allow ourselves to be content with our progress, things will get much easier. 

But if I just focused on my own writing work, I would be putting off the ability to help you, and I don't think that is what God would want for my life. Writing this blog allows me to be a blessing in your life–right now, not five years from now when books are on the shelves–, to be someone who encourages and inspires you.

I know what the resistance feels like and I know how hard it is to get past the self-doubt and I know that there are days when the inner editor just won't take a hint. Because of that, I have the ability to help you now. And if I did not share these thoughts, I would be doing a disservice to all of you. In a similar way, knowing your can help you remember the things YOU need to do in your life.

So, that is why I write this blog. Do you know your why?

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