My Morning Essentials Routine to Keep My Sanity & Motivation In Check

My Morning Essentials Routine to Keep My Sanity & Motivation In Check

My Morning Essentials Routine to Keep My Sanity & Motivation In Check
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My Morning Essentials Routine to Keep My Sanity & Motivation In Check

Ever wake up in the morning feeling tired or irritated? Then you have kids or pets demanding things of you and you're thinking, "It's too early in the morning for this."

This morning I woke up at 5:15 AM, and in the first five minutes, I was hollering at Heracles to stop trying to pull the bath towels off the rack. He understands what no means, but he kept doing it anyway. He has this annoying groan and a loud cry (full set of lungs on this one). And I'm thinking, good grief, I've been up for five minutes and already I'm hollering at the cat. It was supposed to be a good day.

Other days my only motivation to get out of bed is my morning cup of coffee – actually it's the coffee creamer but I can't drink that plain. I'm not addicted to coffee. I can stop drinking it at any time, but it's become a small part of my daily routine: one cup of coffee in the morning and one cup of coffee in the afternoon after a walk outside. It's like a treat when I reach certain milestones. And by milestones, I mean certain parts of the day.

I've struggled with finding motivation to write, too. Procrastination sets in real good (no grammar check needed – intentional poor use of the English language) and works hard to keep me from writing. And that's a problem. It's not that I don't want to write; it's that writing, especially creative writing, is hard work, and well, making excuses is easier.

Sometimes we have to work hard to keep our sanity and motivation levels in check. We already know that we can handle these things on our own by changing how we react to situations and our surroundings. But there are times when we need a little extra boost. During those times, I use oils. And to help prevent those times, I use oils.

When I was commuting 60-75 minutes each way in rush hour traffic, I would not have made it more than a week without a little extra help from my all-time favorite oil, Stress Away. I applied this oil about five times a day to help keep my sanity. Now that I work from home, I use it whenever I'm feeling on edge or stressed out. And like this morning, sometimes it's one of the first oils I use in a day.

I also add Frankincense to a hydrating mask to promote healthy skin and a drop of Clary Sage on my wrists for hormone balance.

To help me stay on track with drinking plenty of water throughout the day, my morning essentials routine also includes prepping two glass water bottles with a couple drops of essential oils. I use a variety of oils in my water, including Lemon, Copaiba, Thieves, Peppermint, and Grapefruit. For me, staying hydrated helps me stay energized and motivated to do my writing work.

If you're looking for ways to keep your sanity and motivation in check, why not give essential oils a try? Essential oils by Young Living are the only oils I use and I've been a distributor for over four years. I'd be happy to help get you set up.

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