Celebration - New Book Release!

New Book Release – PLATFORM 273 (YA Dystopian Thriller)

Celebration - New Book Release!
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Well, I did it again! And I cannot decide which of my story world boys I love more. They’re all competing for that #1 spot! ❤️ Here’s a little snippet from Platform 273

Platform 273 by Jody CalkinsWith a hand on my arm and his other hand at my back, Luke yelled something over his shoulder and then hurried me across the pavement away from the thundering noise and wind from the helicopter blades.

I gritted my teeth against the pain in my feet from the high heels. When I stumbled, he wrapped his arm around my waist and steadied me.

By the time we got to the edge of the pad, the helicopter was lifting away. I stared up at it and watched it leave. A large pit settled deep in my stomach.

After a moment, the sound of the helicopter faded and was replaced by the sounds of the crashing waves.

“Did you have a good ride over here?” he asked, setting me down on a bench.

I turned my head to look at him but I was at a loss for words. How was it, out of all the boys the center could have chosen for me, they had chosen him?

This changed everything now.

I wouldn’t be able to fight him.

I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to render him unconscious so I could escape the platform on my own.

My chin trembled and I was on the verge of tears. He was sitting too close for comfort even though he was at least a foot away.

He quickly looked away and then dropped down on his knee. Before I realized what he was doing, his hands were grasping my ankle and slipping my high heel off my foot. I closed my eyes as he held my foot in his warm hands. His touch was doing strange things to my insides, making my belly feel warm and fuzzy.

His fingertips pressed against various places of my foot and then he slipped my other shoe off and did the same thing.

When his fingers slipped from my toes, I opened my eyes and watched as he rose to his feet.

Holding out his hand, he said, “Come on. I’ll show you our living quarters.”

“No,” I whispered, shaking my head, afraid that he meant to get things over with quickly.

He sighed as he sat down beside me. “Adrienne,” he said, his voice soft.

I swallowed hard as I stared down at my trembling hands.

“I only wish to show you around,” he said. “I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I promise you that.”

A tear slipped down my cheek and I whisked it away with my hand. I wiped my palm on my short skirt.

“If we’re to spend our lives together, I don’t want you terrified of me.”

Biting my lip, I looked up at him. His brows were furrowed and he looked slightly sick to his stomach.

He gave me a small smile as he held out his hand. “Please,” he whispered.

Grab Platform 273 HERE to keep reading!

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