Obsessed With Social Media? This Might Be For You!

Obsessed With Social Media? This Might Be For You!

Dear Blog,

I did something crazy the other day. You know how we’re obsessed with social media? We go on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter just to grab the latest updates. Who’s sharing the new funny thing? What’s the latest drama? Who else liked or commented on or shared my post? What’s happening in the world? Okay, bad example, but you get what I’m saying.

Well, have you ever commented on someone else’s post and then the person never replied or even liked your comment? Or have you spent time thinking through and drafting a helpful response to a friend’s issue and then all they do is write, “Thanks!”?

Social media was supposed to be about building connections. Being helpful. Offering tips. Learning something. Information is power. Knowledge is power. Because it gives us ideas for new solutions. Solutions that might actually work.

We get sucked in to this idea that we need validation from others. We log in just to check how many people have liked our post. And then we wonder, why hasn’t anyone liked it? Did they even read what I wrote because I thought it was funny (or helpful or inspiring or whatever the latest adjective is)?

You start to wonder if people even like you. Because surely if they did, they would have shown that they care about what you’re going through.

I got to thinking, social media is a terrible way to gauge whether or not someone likes you. (I mean, I hope that’s true, because it looks pretty terrible from my end.)

So, what was this crazy thing I did?

I unfollowed virtually EVERYONE on Facebook. And it’s been great. The only thing I see when I check my feed is writing-related stuff, posts from writer groups I’m in. I’m also not planning to post much, if anything, on my profile or page anymore.

The beauty is, this frees up time. Instead of checking the notifications again and again, I’m able to focus on my work! Which is–NEWSFLASH–more important.

So, if you’re wondering where you can find me, here are the places:

I can’t wait to see how this improves my productivity over the coming weeks. I’ll share updates periodically.

Have you limited your time on social media? If so, how has it helped you? I’d love to hear your story!

Jody Calkins
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