One BIG No-No of Online Writing

One BIG No-No of Online Writing

One BIG No-No of Online Writing
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One BIG No-No of Online Writing

Getting on the front page of a Google search can be challenging and can lead you to try risky search engine manipulation techniques. Engaging in these techniques might sound tempting, but not when you consider the risks.

Imagine going to Google, searching for your URL, and not being able to find it. That can happen if Google blacklists your domain. Your site could be removed from Google completely. Or it could be demoted in rankings which is the opposite of your intended goal.

Considering that the majority of internet surfers use Google to search for information and products online, it is wise to avoid this big no-no of online writing.

What exactly am I referring to? I'm talking about keyword stuffing. It's a cheap trick to cheating the search engines by overusing keywords on a webpage (for example, stuffing the keywords in the body of the copy or hiding them in the background of the page). This technique worked in the past to boost a site's rankings on search engines, but it won't work today. Today, it is just viewed as spam.

So, what can you do to improve your site's rankings?

Don't think so much about numbers when writing for the web. Instead, focus on being authentic. Be yourself and learn how to speak your ideal client's language. This is key to building solid relationships with your readers.

Remember, it isn't about you and how many deals you can close or sales you can make. It's about helping your readers and customers solve their urgent, pressing problems. It's about serving them and genuinely and positively impacting their lives. Your readers won't care about you unless you have built a relationship with them. So, what problems do your clients need help solving?

When you focus on these things, you don't have to worry about stuffing keywords into your writing and getting blacklisted by Google. Visits to your site will begin to happen organically and you will allow people to build a relationship with you based on trust, likeability, and credibility.

In addition to providing valuable content to your readers, focus on making the words flow smoothly. Good writing has a good flow. Littering your copy with out-of-place keywords only makes for jumbled writing and frustrated or disappointed readers.

Don't try to manipulate readers and site visitors. Just be real and focus on being a trusted source, someone they can depend on to offer valuable solutions to their problems.

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