Proper Spelling and Grammar – Who Needs ‘Em?

Proper Spelling and Grammar - Who Needs 'Em?
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Proper Spelling and Grammar – Who Needs 'Em?

Let's face it – you don't need proper spelling and grammar to be successful. There are plenty of things you can do that don't require it. You can buy and sell real estate without it, you can trade stocks and options in the stock market, or you can delegate the task to someone else. However, if you intend on doing any writing, whether it is for a business plan or an email to a prospect, you better have it.

Good writing skills are important for entrepreneurship and business writing. Not only do they help you improve the clarity of your message, giving you the ability to provide clear instructions to your readers, but they can also have a positive impact on your future as an entrepreneur.

Poor writing can hurt your efforts to attract investors, make you look unprofessional, and damage your credibility with readers and potential buyers.

So, why are we seeing errors everywhere we turn? Don't the companies know how damaging poor writing can be?

I've seen large corporations with writing errors on their websites and the response is usually "too many hands in the cookie jar". But shouldn't that make the writing better? When more people work on a particular writing project, shouldn't they be able to catch mistakes? Or maybe they're not working as a team?

There seems to be a certain allowance, if you will, for poor writing. For a household product or a general labor service (i.e., trade service), there tends to be less focus on professional website design and good writing and more focus on customer reviews, while a "professional" service (i.e., law, accounting, cosmetic surgery) demands both: great customer reviews as well as good writing and design.

For costly products and services, customers want to know that the companies they do business with take their work seriously. When a website or marketing brochure is littered with errors, it makes the customer question the quality of the product or service.

So, while the importance of proper spelling and grammar can depend on your ideal client and what you're selling, having good writing skills helps instill confidence in your reader or prospect. 

Not sure you have what it takes?

Successful entrepreneurs have learned how to overcome their limitations. They've learned how to press through the resistance and expand their belief zones to either improve their skills or get the help they need. 

You must believe that you can improve, otherwise you won't because you won't make the effort to do so. It's going to take belief and a lot of effort.

How can you improve your shot if you don't practice shooting? How can you learn to speed read if you don't take the time to read and practice? How can you learn how to build a house if you won't swing a hammer?

It takes work to write well. To do *anything* well. But it's worth it!

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