The Importance of Being Realistic About Our Writing Goals

The Benefits of Setting Realistic Writing Goals & Doable Tasks

The Benefits of Setting Realistic Writing Goals & Doable Tasks
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The Benefits of Setting Realistic Writing Goals & Doable Tasks

Have you ever set writing goals only to never achieve them? Did you actually work toward them?

When we set high writing goals, we get discouraged when we don't meet them. Each goal we don't meet drives us farther down into the hole we've dug for ourselves. Finally, we get so discouraged that we give up, sometimes entirely.

You need to stop setting yourself up for failure and start making it easier to achieve your goals. What is it that you really want to achieve? What are the small goals that will help you meet your big goals?

What is it that you really want to do? If the only thing you want to do is be a writer, then great! Once you have determined that, it's time to work toward it and be a writer.

Why must you wait? Do you think you'll have more time in the future? That rarely happens. If you plan to quit your job and write full-time, be prepared to meet reality at the door if you don't get moving and start submitting your work on a regular basis.

In order to keep us moving forward, we must set realistic writing goals, goals that are easy to achieve and that encourage us through accomplishment.

We all want to run before we can walk or play Beethoven and Mozart by the end of our first piano lesson. But I know writers. We're a dedicated bunch all right and we stick through the painful writing process. But some (most?) of us let procrastination be a crutch and we let it take the blame. Then after we've waited until the last minute, we give up. We're overwhelmed. We can't take the pressure. The words aren't coming out right and then we fail. We fail at achieving our writing goals.

The next month rolls around and the same thing happens. We're not as far along on our writing goals as we want to be. We're anxious because we have so little time to write. We're exhausted and overwhelmed, frustrated, and to make matters worse, our friends and family are disappointed because we're too busy or frustrated to spend time with them.

With that frustration hanging over our heads, it's no wonder we get so little writing done.

So, you need to figure out: what small goals can I actually achieve that will help me move forward? How can I be realistic about my goals so I'm not constantly spinning my wheels?

We need to take action in order to get any writing done. But we also need to set realistic writing goals that will keep us moving forward and motivated. Too high of goals will lead us to disaster if we don't take action.

Are you ready to achieve your writing goals? What small goals are you working on to help you meet your bigger goals?

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