Scheduling - Ways Writers Work Too Hard Series Part 6

Scheduling – Ways Writers Work Too Hard Series Part 6

Scheduling - Ways Writers Work Too Hard Series Part 6
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Scheduling – Ways Writers Work Too Hard Series Part 6

Another way writers make too much work for themselves is by not scheduling their writing tasks and sticking to that schedule. Part of being a disciplined writer is having some sort of schedule or routine for writing.

How often do we get much writing done when we write whenever we feel like it?

I’m guessing you would say something to the effect of “not much.” I’d say the same thing. Writing is hard work and there are so many easier things we can do with our time. We can relax on the couch, read a book or watch TV, or chat with our spouse or roommate. Or we can hang out at the movies.

It takes discipline to plow through our writing work. Sometimes we love it and sometimes we don’t. Scheduling your writing tasks and sticking to that schedule or routine will help you when you don’t feel like writing. It will allow you to create a habit of writing on a schedule, forcing you to get your butt in the chair and get to work.

Sticking to a schedule and setting aside a certain amount of time every day allows us to organize our time and learn to work within a specific time frame.

When we don’t have a schedule or routine, we flounder around too long trying to figure out what to do next. Anything goes with no schedule and it’s hard to be effective and productive in our work. Not scheduling tasks also promotes procrastination, making it difficult to keep up with our writing goals.

Be disciplined. Stick to a schedule and work toward your writing dreams so you can start checking tasks off your list.

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This concludes the six-part series on how writers create too much work for themselves. If you missed the first five parts, you can start here – Part 1 – Editing Mistake.

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