How to Take Crummy Old Drinking Water from Bleh to Better

How to Take Crummy Old Drinking Water from Bleh to Better

How to Take Crummy Old Drinking Water from Bleh to Better
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How to Take Crummy Old Drinking Water from Bleh to Better

Not a fan of plain old drinking water? Do you find yourself saying you need to drink more water but you're just not committed yet?

Health experts say we need to drink, in ounces, approximately half our body weight to stay hydrated. So, for instance, if a person weighs 130 pounds, the recommended water consumption is 65 ounces. That's about eight glasses of water a day.

If you're not a fan of plain water, drinking enough water may be a challenge. And you might be tempted to add unhealthy flavoring to it. I'm not a fan of plain water either, especially the water from our tap. And I definitely prefer adding flavor to it.

Before I started using essential oils, I used to buy the powdered drink mixes that you pour into water. I also used to drink a lot of hot chocolate. Anything to add flavor. The trouble with the mixes though is that most of them contain added sugar. And I knew that sugar weakens the immune system.

After a bad case of the stomach flu, my big goal was to cut out sugar as much as possible to keep myself healthy. There's just something about having the stomach flu that motivates a person to change unhealthy habits. 🙂

So, when I received my first Young Living essential oils starter kit, I started adding Peppermint and Lemon to hot water to curb my habit of drinking hot chocolate.

Over the past four years, I've added a variety of essential oils to my water to help make it taste better. Sometimes I add them solely for flavoring and other times I add them to help support my immune system.

If you've never tried essential oils before, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Here’s a great article on how to use essential oils for a balanced life. Stress Away, one of the essential oil blends featured in the article, is one of my all-time favorite oils. It helped me get through my 75-minute commutes when I worked in Denver and it helped my husband and I get through 96 straight hours together (in our truck) when we moved from Colorado to Alaska and then another 12 straight days together when we moved from Alaska to Virginia. This oil is an absolute must for any long trip. 😉

Here’s my Top 5 essential oils to add to water:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Lemon
  3. Orange
  4. Grapefruit
  5. Lavender + Copaiba

If you're interested in more info about Young Living, send me an email and I'll do my best to help.

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