The Dangers of (Over)Thinking When Writing Copy

The Dangers of (Over)Thinking When Writing Copy
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The Dangers of (Over)Thinking When Writing Copy

Do you over-think things when writing copy? Do you worry about saying the right things so you can get the response you want? Or do you struggle with even knowing what to say in your marketing copy?

If you struggle with these things, you are not alone. Many business professionals, both entrepreneurs and writers, have felt the same way.

The truth is, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to writing copy. There are no set formulas that will lead to thousands of dollars worth of sales. And each product is different. There are ways to write copy that might work with one particular product and not for another. You just have to put something out there and tweak as you go.

Always keep in mind that it takes trial and error. If you over-think things to get the copy just right, you will pull your hair out. You might not even get your sales page published at all.

Several weeks ago, I talked about using a template to help you get ideas on what to write and how to structure your particular marketing document. That can help you get the basic structure down on paper. But you will need to come up with your own words to fill it in.

Again, don't over-think it. What you think might be really compelling may not be compelling to your target audience. And what may seem lame or ineffective to you may actually be what your audience responds to.

Just get the first draft done and get it up on your website (after checking for spelling and grammatical errors first). Then tweak the copy as you go. Change some little things and see what happens.

Obviously, you need to get traffic to your page in order to test it out. I have seen some businesses put their sales page in a post so it shows up on their blog. To maximize your SEO efforts, fill out the fields for the title page and keywords, and make sure those keywords show up on your sales page.

Here is one final tip: don't stress out about whether or not your sales page is going to work. Just get it up there, expect that it will do fine, and tweak as you go.

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