The Driving Force In Your Business

The Driving Force In Your Business
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The Driving Force In Your Business

Are you building a business or working a job for the money? Is it working? Are you happy? Or do you dread going to work and putting in your time?

If you focus on finding a really good reason, a driving force, for doing what you're doing instead of focusing on doing it for the money, I really think you will be so much happier. I also think that things will start falling into place.

A couple months ago, my husband and I watched Machine Gun Preacher on Netflix. It is a touching true story about a man who finds God and turns away from his bad past. He goes to Africa on a mission trip and his life is forever changed. I highly recommend that you see it.

And then not long after that, my brother-in-law recommended a movie called Camp (also on Netflix). It is about a young boy who is taken to a week-long summer camp for abused and neglected kids, after his mother dies and he is placed in a facility for troubled kids. This is a great story based on a real camp organization called Royal Family Kids Camp that has camps set up all over the United States. It provides a place where neglected kids can have fun and feel safe and feel loved for one week.

These two films convicted me to do what I can to help kids in need.

So, when I put all of those hours in at work or when I'm in my home office writing, I'm trying to remember that it's not about me. It's about them. And it's also about you, too.

I think we need to look beyond ourselves and find things that really convict us. That awaken a passion we have deep inside us.

When you're writing copy, it's not about you or making money for your employer. It's about doing your best work so you are able to support the things that you are passionate about. Only you can know what those things are.

But I urge you to start thinking of those things and making them your focus, whether you work for an employer or for yourself, because I believe that is a real game changer in life. It's not about us.

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