Has Your Business Outgrown Your Website?

When you first started your business, starting out small and selling your products to just a few people, and taking advantage of being a new business, your website reflected that fact one way or another.

But now that your company has grown and you've increased production to satisfy current and projected demands, you're not experiencing any new business, you're even seeing some of your frequent customers drop off.
Now is the time to consider how you're marketing yourself and how your marketing materials are representing you and your company.
In a prior blog post, I talked about how to engage your website readers. What I didn't mention is, are you engaging them the right way?
When your business develops, revising your website so that it grows alongside your business is an essential part of maintaining and gaining business.
Does your website still reflect your newbie status?
It worked before, but now things have changed. Prospective customers—and current customers—need to know that you're operating a professional business, one that has grown beyond the newbie or hobby status.
It's time to take your web copy to the next level and represent you and your company as the professionals that you are!

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a freelance business writer who writes about business development, risk management, security protection, and business standards. Visit www.emeryroad.com for more information and samples.



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