Writing Your First Draft – What’s Taking You So Long?

How long have you been putting off writing that blog post? Are you still working on that special report? The one you've been meaning to write for the past several months now? Yeah, that one. What's taking you so long?

You know the benefits of completing your project. So, why haven't you finished it?

While you're getting the third degree and feeling down for your "failure", there's one important thing you need to know: You're not alone; we've all been there–I've been there.

What's holding you back? Is it really your fear of failure? Or is that a front for something else? Is it really that you don't have time? Or do you just have trouble focusing?

Or is it because, when you sit down to write, nothing comes out right? It isn't as good as you imagined it would be in your mind.

Every perfect recipe has the right amount of ingredients; but if you change one little thing, does it really turn out for the worse? Not always. Sometimes, it turns out for the better. What happens when you add a little chili powder to your spaghetti sauce? It adds a little spice.

My point is this, your first draft, and even your second draft, doesn't have to be perfect. When the words don't flow just right, in your opinion, keep writing. Keep your fingers tapping the keyboard. Get everything down and do NOT hit the "Delete" key. The objective here is to write your first rough draft.

If you still have trouble completing your project after giving the above tip a try, ask yourself these questions: Are you being negative? Are you filling yourself with negative self-speak?
If the answer is "Yes", STOP. Your abilities greatly depend on your mindset and how you talk to yourself. Believe in yourself and your ability to polish your work.

Still struggling and in need of more direction? Write a detailed outline. For more tips, click here.
About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter who helps her clients communicate effectively to their customers and prospects through articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports. For more information, please visit https://www.emeryroad.com.
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