Why Hire a Professional Copywriter

Many business professionals ask me why people would need to hire a copywriter. Most have never heard of a copywriter before or the concept of hiring a writer to write their company's written materials. They don't understand that copy is the most important component in their marketing efforts or that great writing comes from writing talent.
When I explain the importance of copy and the benefits of hiring a copywriter, they begin to understand.
Here are four benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter and four reasons why copywriters exist.
Saves You Time & Energy
You don't always have the time to devote your full, undivided attention to writing great copy to improve your company's revenue. When you hire a professional copywriter, you can save your time and energy to focus on what you do best.
Promotes More Productivity
When you have the ability to focus on your specialties–what you excel at–, you have the chance to become more productive. You'll know that the copywriting tasks are handled and well under way, while you complete those tasks you're good at.
Saves Your Company Money
Hiring a freelancer means that your company doesn't have to pay out employee benefits. Since the copywriter works independently, all you do is hire one when you need copy and pay the project fee.
Reflects Your Company's Professionalism (perhaps the most important benefit)
When it comes to your company's written materials, great copy that is free of grammatical errors, typos, misspellings, ambiguities, and inconsistencies is a necessity. And the tone, message, and wording must be just right so that your company's target audience will identify with the message and feel comfortable choosing your company. Hiring a professional copywriter ensures that your company uses great copy in its communications.
Should I hire a copywriter?
Not everyone has a way with words or the time to devote to writing professional copy. The next time you're developing your company's written materials, consider the four benefits above and ask yourself:
  • Do I have writing talent and strong grammar skills?
  • Do I have the time and energy to devote to professional writing?
  • Do I want to focus on writing rather than my higher priority tasks?

If your answer is "No" to any of the questions above, hire a freelance copywriter. It will give you peace of mind having a knowledgeable and experienced writer writing copy that will reflect your company's professionalism.

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter who helps her clients communicate effectively to their customers and prospects through articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports. For more information, please visit https://jodycalkins.com.
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