How to Work Toward a Dream When You Don't Have the Time

How to Work Toward a Dream When You Don’t Have the Time

How to Work Toward a Dream When You Don't Have the Time
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How to Work Toward a Dream When You Don't Have the Time

What’s wrong with devoting just 15 minutes a day to something we enjoy, to work toward a dream? There’s just something about a small time frame that turns us off. We think, oh, that’s not enough time and there’s no way we can achieve a goal if we’re only devoting 15 minutes to it.

We tend to think that if we can’t spend more than an hour or two each day working toward a goal or on a passion, we’ll never be able to achieve the goal. We’ll never be able to do what we want. So, we push our dreams aside and settle for the simpler things. The things that come more easily to us.

But if we’re willing to be truthful, we’ll admit that neglecting that area of our lives is preventing us from feeling fulfilled. Something is missing in our lives and we’re feeling the void.

It doesn’t really matter what the goal or the dream is. If it’s an urge, a nagging thing that never goes away (or it keeps coming back again and again), it’s something to which we should be devoting time.

I’m not talking about doing something immoral, unethical, or against God’s word. I’m talking about dreams like writing a novel or producing a screenplay or recording a record label or working as a movie extra or becoming a fashion designer. What big dream is trying to gain your attention? What are you passionate about? What are the things you’d love to start working on?

It’s true we won’t get far very fast if 15 minutes is all we can spend. But we’ll get farther ahead working at it 15 minutes a day than we will if we don’t work on it at all because we don’t think we have the time.

If more people started working toward their dreams, this world would be a much better place. I think we’d have a lot more positivity going around and people would actually feel inspired and encouraged.

The more I delve into novel writing, the better I feel because I can see that I’m making gradual progress. I’m working toward a dream and I’m seeing it through.

It’s not easy starting something new and turning it into a habit, but it’s worth it. Fifteen minutes a day isn’t a lot of time, but if we stick with it, whatever it is, eventually we’ll see the progress we’re making. The words (or products or whatever) will add up, our skills will improve, and we’ll get closer and closer to our goal.

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