Simple Ways to Awaken the Muse & Reach Writing Success

Simple Ways to Awaken the Muse & Reach Writing Success

Simple Ways to Awaken the Muse & Reach Writing Success
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Simple Ways to Awaken the Muse & Reach Writing Success

Writing is a job. If you write for business or you write novels, you're writing for an important purpose. How you live your life affects how you write and what you write. In order to stay encouraging so you have valuable tips to share with other people, you'll need to be careful what you allow to dominate your life.

If you're constantly tired, you may be doing a disservice to yourself and your readers. Fatigue can affect your writing and the messages that you need to share.

What you allow into your life affects this as well. If you allow negative thoughts to dominate, you'll have a hard time conveying your message in a positive way. If you allow judgments to rule your thoughts, you'll have a hard time writing in a relatable way.

Getting enough sleep will help us feel well rested during our writing sessions. But it doesn't end there. Sometimes we need a diet change or dietary supplements to reach our potential when it comes to energy levels. Sometimes we need a solution that has better, longer-lasting effects than coffee.

Setting ourselves up for writing success, realizing our full writing potential, is often related to lifestyle – what we consume, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you sit down to write and struggle to come up with words to put on the page, there are some things you can do to awaken the muse. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Brainstorm on paper
  • Consult your ideas list
  • Change the setting (if you normally write on the computer, try using a notebook and pen)
  • Consult your marketing research (headlines that you have written down to use as ideas/examples)
  • Ask someone for help (God is a great one to ask, if you're willing)
  • Perform an activity that promotes creativity
  • Sit quietly and listen

Here's a great book on freeing your creative mind – Thinking Write by Kelly L. Stone. Definitely worth checking out!

The proper care and feeding of our creativity involves working on our writing and taking the time to flesh out our ideas. To awaken the muse and to keep it awake, we need to be putting it to use regularly. If you wait for inspiration, you might be waiting for a long time. Write now. Start today to reach writing success.

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