3 Never-Fail Ways to Create Blog Post Ideas

3 Never-Fail Ways to Create Blog Post Ideas to Meet Your Blog Deadlines

3 Never-Fail Ways to Create Blog Post Ideas to Meet Your Blog DeadlinesPhoto by Pimthida

3 Never-Fail Ways to Create Blog Post Ideas to Meet Your Blog Deadlines

If you’ve been following Sandi Krakowski for a while, you know that you should be posting two articles to your blog every week. For those of us who struggle to come up with post ideas, this can seem like a daunting task.

I have struggled in the past to get those articles done on time. But sometimes they just don’t get done at all. I could go on and on with excuses (life got busy (it really did though!); I was so frustrated by not being able to devote the time I wanted to my writing and business; distractions were, well, distracting; and yada yada). I knew I was supposed to get them done and every time I went to bed in defeat, I would feel frustrated, overwhelmed, irritated… you get the picture. 

For me, it comes down to this: I just need to work on my posts ahead of time. But of course that doesn’t always happen. I’m not perfect, but I try. I have found that the following three ways to come up with blog post ideas has helped me do a better job of sticking to the twice per week schedule. I hope they help you as well. 

Ask for help.

When you’re not sure what to write about, when nothing really jumps out at you, ask for help. A while back when I was at a loss for what to write about, I asked God for help. The topic of “writer’s block” popped into my head. I said, “Seriously?” I had never written about writer’s block before and I honestly don’t believe in it, but there it was begging me to write about it. The thought wouldn’t go away and then I saw in my mind an image of two cement pillars. So, How to Break the Pillars of Writer’s Block was born. 

The other night I was scrambling to get a post written and I asked my husband, Harold, for help. He suggested writing on how to stay positive around negativity so I wrote 5 Ridiculously Effective Tactics to Staying Positive When You Write. 

There’s obviously a big benefit in asking for help. When you’re stuck, try it. 

Consider your ideal client.

This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people focus on things they want to write about. It doesn’t always mean that’s what the reader (i.e., ideal client) wants to hear. What problems do your ideal clients face? What do they need help solving? 

If you haven’t read Sandi Krakowski’s Read Their Mind: How to Hear What the Marketplace Wants & Build a Huge Business yet, I highly recommend it. It will give you insight on how to interact with your ideal clients and what to give them. You can purchase it on Barnes and Noble or at her website. 

Use an idea-creation technique.

There are a number of fun ways to come up with blog post ideas. You could use newspaper headlines, clustering, imagery… I have selected seven techniques in my 7-day idea-creation series. Each day features one technique with instructions and examples to give you a jump-start on idea-creation so you can come up with your next blog post idea! To get started, click here. 

When you’re scrambling for blog post ideas, keep these techniques in mind. It’s a good idea to develop a whole slew of ideas so you never run out of top-notch ideas. Just remember: coming up with ideas and writing your articles should be fun! Give yourself enough time so you’re not stressed out to get them out on time.

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