Six Great Reasons to Get Serious About Blog Marketing

Six Great Reasons to Get Serious About Blog Marketing
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Six Great Reasons to Get Serious About Blog Marketing

Whether you are a business professional building an online business or an author focusing on book sales, a blog can be an effective marketing tool.

Here are six reasons why you should write a blog:

Website Traffic

The online world is a big place and can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond, but publishing regular content on your blog can help make your website, and you, easier to find by improving your Alexa and Google rankings.

When people search the internet for something relating to what you offer, they're more likely to find your website if you consistently publish fresh content.

Blog marketing is also a great way to get social media followers to visit your website, and more traffic improves your rankings and thus fuels even more traffic. It's a win-win!


When readers have a place to go to learn more about you, what you do, and what tips and stories you can share, they're more likely to become (and stay) loyal fans.

Also, loyal readers visit your website for more content. If they find that you haven't updated your site recently, they won't likely return, which brings up the issue of "out of sight, out of mind."


Another great thing about blog marketing is that it helps you build relationships with your readers. It gives you the opportunity to share some of your personal side so they can see the person behind the blog and start to connect with you.

Sure, you can build relationships on social media (and you should), but your blog gives followers a place to read more about you and learn more about what you do.

Personal Experience

When you share some of your personal experience on your blog, it helps build a connection with your readers. You get to share stories with them and you get to inspire them and encourage them. If you are an author, readers want to know how you got started and what your life is like.


When you offer valuable content, a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise and build credibility with readers. Your blog isn't the place to spout off or talk about all of the drama in your life; it is a place to inspire, encourage, and give hope to readers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Creating content for your blog is a cost-effective way to market yourself.

Any form of writing that you produce for others to see, whether it is a book, a flyer for your new product, or an article for your blog, is a form of marketing because you are showcasing your talents. A book is marketing your next book (do readers love it? Then they'll likely buy your next one) and an article on your blog helps you connect with current and prospective buyers.

In summary, as a business professional, you can gain credibility and get your name out there with a blog.

For authors, blogging helps you create an avenue through which fellow writers and readers can share your work and spread your name. And you provide readers with a place to return time and again. When you're starting out, blog marketing helps you build your platform and it helps you build relationships with future book buyers.

Next week, I'll be sharing some more tips on blog marketing. Stay tuned…

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