6 Case Study Ideas I Bet You Haven’t Considered

Not Just Your Typical Case Study

Case studies don’t have to be cookie cutter replicas. And they don’t have to be about consumers or business people. They also don’t have to be targeted just to other businesses or consumers.

The case study is a great marketing tool when used effectively and creatively. Its primary goal is to instill confidence in your customers, prospects, or investors. Confidence in your company’s ability to meet their needs and address their concerns.

By getting creative with your case studies and using them for a variety of purposes, you can keep your readers engaged and willing to learn more about your company.

What are some creative ways you can use case studies?

There are many ways you can use case studies to engage your readers, thereby improving your business or gaining revenue, more funding, or more exposure. Here are six ideas you should consider now:

Community Involvement

Is your company involved in the community? Does it have a large role in fund raisers or charities? If so, a case study that demonstrates your company’s capabilities in relation to the event could be a great way to gain recognition by your target market.

City Involvement (Contracts)

Has your company been awarded a contract with a city? Using a case study to feature your company’s involvement with a city and focus on your company’s performance in a range of areas will help you grow your business to the next level.

Extra Services

Another case study idea is to talk about your company’s “other” services. For instance, if your company is a restaurant or a venue that provides services for large parties, develop a case study that demonstrates how your company can meet your prospects’ requirements and expectations for large parties.

Complimentary Services

Does your company offer any complimentary services? A case study that demonstrates your company exceeds customer expectations through additional free services could be an excellent way to gain more business and exposure.

Investor Incentive

The term “investor” can be used loosely to refer to your clients. After all, they are investing in your company by choosing you. But more specifically, if your company relies on investors to fund your organization, a great way to gain investor confidence is through case study testimonials that feature current investors and demonstrate your company’s performance and path to improvement.

Your Company

Have you implemented a new third party program that has benefited (or will benefit) your customers? If so, offer to be interviewed for a case study. If your company developed its own program, create a case study that shows prospects how your implementation will benefit them.

See, case studies don’t have to be the same. A little creativity can go a long way in getting your readers to learn more about your company.

Which case study idea can you use for your business now?

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