The Most Important Element of a Case Study

There are a number of necessities for developing a case study that your readers (i.e., your customers and prospects) will actually read. But there is one element that is by far the most important.

What is it? It’s client enthusiasm. Client enthusiasm about participating in your case study is a must for a stellar case study. Without it, your case study will flop.

Why? Because your client’s heart won’t be in it and he won’t be forthcoming about the information you need. That is, if you (or your copywriter) can even get a hold of him long enough to discuss your questions.

Even when you ask leading questions, a client who isn’t really interested in providing information will most likely give you short answers. That’s not enough to work with to develop an effective case study.

Why does he offer to help in the first place? Maybe he feels pressured into doing it or maybe he has good intentions but is just too busy to give you his attention.

Everyone is busy, so if this happens, please give him the benefit of the doubt. But if he continues to avoid you or fails to follow through on appointments or getting you the information you requested, cut him loose and find someone else.

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a freelance business writer who writes about agriculture, food safety, risk management, security protection, and business standards. Visit www.emeryroad.com for more information and samples.

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